Get to know Soulsisters little bit more.

Some people come into our lives for a purpose. We believe there is no coincidence that you are reading this and we are so glad that you are here. Right now.

Get to know us little bit more.

When I’m not chasing the perfect light and unforgettable moments, you can see me in the company of the two people dearest to me, my husband and daughter. I’m here to capture your perfect day, I’m here to tell your wedding story through a still photo. I endeavor to catch and freeze the moments that matters. I prefer to work discreetly as an observer, letting the wedding day to unfold in front of my eyes.


  • I can write well with either hand.
  • Probably the biggest fan of truffles in every kind of food.
  • I’ve never seen the popular series Game of Thrones.
  • I could watch the movie Dumb and dumber every day and still cry like I did first time I watched it.
  • I am scared as hell of flying but my desire, but my desire for traveling and learning new cultures, is bigger than my fear.

Roadtripping with my family trough Europe and Usa, going on an African safari, owning a boutique cafe shop in Parisian style and bake the best french croissants, have a perfect wedding, learning pole dancing, making a perfect clay bowl on a pottery wheel, traveling with my mum and sister, making a drastic hair make over.



Mom of 5 year old Liam and 2 year old Mila and loving wife. A morning person, especially after coffee. Or two. My passion for creating came from my first day job as a journalist and a TV host. Back then, at the end of the working day you were only left with a feeling that you did your job. Now photography has become my lifestyle and it makes me feel complete.


  • I love cooking just for myself. Others don’t enjoy my meals as much as I want them to.
  • I am proud of my Slovakian roots.
  • My math sucks. I could be A+ student if we did not have math class. But still I decided to study Economy.
  • My father is a fisherman, but I am afraid of fishes. And I am a piches in horoscope. Crazy, right.
  • I didn’t cry at my own wedding but I always get teary when witnessing others geting married

Swimming with dolphins, kissing under the Eiffel tower, seeing Hollywood with my best friends, having a sister, having three children + adopting two, roadtripping to Ireland with an old van, getting married again at the place where we spent our honeymoon, taking a self portrait on a mountain in Yosemite, taking a photo every day for a year, being a bridesmaid, actually doing things on my bucket list.