Couple session Berlin

Berlin wedding photographer

There are a billion of couple sessions out there. I saw thousand of them. Each one has a story to tell, a story of love between two people.

And here is mine. But This is not just a couple session from Berlin. This is not just a photoshoot of two fellow wedding photographers. 

This is a true story about a boy from New York with Bosnian roots who met a Slovenian girl living in Berlin. 

So here it goes. This is how it all started. 

15 amazing photographers from all over the world who share the same passion for wedding photography met in Berlin. We were eager to hear the story of Croatian artists and destination wedding photographers Petar Juica and Marko Marinković. They shared their beautiful journey with us and inspired us more than we ever hoped. The workshop was beyond my expectations and those guys really rocked our worlds. 

But let me tell you a different story. A story that grew from achance encounter. 

A story of a boy.

It started on a Tuesday night. Dzemo flew from New York and when we first met it felt like we have known each other forever. He is the sweetest guy with such an amazing sense of humor.

And a story of a girl. 

After the workshop on Thursday I was planning to meet Gaja, a Slovenian photographer and videographer living in Berlin, but someone from the workshop already invited her to have a drink with us. I was a bit nervous to meet her, because her work is really fierce, but after few drinks we realized how similar we are.

Long story short 

The next day in between the workshops I asked them if I can take a picture of them and something magical happened (the first photo of them is at the end of this story). I have been a photographer for 4 years, but this was the first time I felt such energy. I was amazed by their connection and the chemistry between them and I still get goose bumps every time I think of that moment.

After the workshop and after a few drinks it hit me … we need to do a photo session together! We knew it would not be normal couple session so we called it “the first date session”.  

The rest is (hopefully) written in the photos. No matter what happens in the future, you guys will always have Berlin.

With love,

Soulsister Nika